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Currently Google Places occupies an entire page for many search engine results. This extra visibility has created a great deal of new opportunity for businesses hoping to get noticed and draw customers in. Leverage our local SEO services experts talent and let us escort new customers and revenues to your door or website.

Claiming your spot in the Google Places listing is simple. However, it is rarely enough when it comes to ranking on the first page in Google Places and there is no point in being listed on page two. In order to bring you the front of the pack our team follows many local SEO steps, including these:


  • Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis: We identify keywords that have the highest relevant searches in your area followed by a check up on what your competitors have been doing to steal your customers.
  • Long term, Fully Optimized Listing: We build a fully optimized Google Places listing for the keywords of your choosing.
  • Premium Optimized Videos & Images: Let us provide premium iStock photography and optimized videos for your Google Places Page
  • Geo Tagging: By adding geographic data to photos online, we gain a geo targeted, high authority ‘mentions’ or citations of your business.
  • Reviews: We create strategies that make it easy for your customers to submit reviews online.
  • Local Directory Submissions: A submission is a ‘mention’ or citation on another website. We build local, relevant citations so you dominate.
  • General Directory Submissions: We will carefully submit you to sometimes 1000s of online directories, increasing your online popularity and ranking.
  • Social Profile Submissions: Social Media has long since been the THING. As a result it is also the THING for good rankings.
  • Rapid Indexing via Ping/RSS Subs: This is fancy talk for waking the search engines up, and showing them how popular you are…in a bucket of cold water first thing in the morning fashion.
  • My Maps & Placemarks: These are properties for promoting your business location. By leveraging popular Google properties, we drive top local SEO rankings.
  • Backlinks to your Places Page/Citations/webpage: We build high authority, relevant links pointing at YOU to improve both delivery speed and ranking.
  • Google Property Interlinking: We scratch Google’s back, they scratch YOURS. By making use of their tools, and interlinking, we create highways for quick discovery and ranking.

In order to offer our customers the competitive advantage they deserve, we are limiting ourselves to 1 client per keyword, per city. Therefore, if you are considering us, be hasty, because we’d hate to turn you away. Lets chat today!