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Our clients are our partners – our success depends on your success

Our clients, like our staff, are our best partners. Through your continued success we too are able to be successful. Every day we have the pleasure of helping regular people achieve extraordinary success. Being a part of this is why we love our work. We hope to change the world by aiding entrepreneurs like ourselves achieve what they’ve always envisioned. We are dedicated to making your business our priority.

What we’re doing…

Cornerstone Properties

We are very excited to be working with Cornerstone Properties. They are a very unique company and are involved in so many facets of the real estate industry. Together we are designing a strategy to help increase visibility among potential home buyers.

Dr. Dhillon

Dr. Dhillon is one of our first local clients. We provided a full SEO package, ranking him #1 for his keywords in a moderately competitive industry. Currently he receives an average of 10 new clients every month from our efforts.


So far, this service has been all it’s hyped up to be. Though the results have taken a little bit longer than expected, it’s nothing compared to the ultimate rankings I’ve achieved using the service. Adam has me ranked for some very tough legal terms and I have no doubt he’d be able to deliver on just about any other terms desired (within reason). He’s always available, doesn’t duck your questions, and provides great updates. Highly recommended! – MuscaLaw


Adam and Alex have been a huge help right from day one. My business is ecommerce, and I work in a pretty competitive niche. In the first two weeks they took three brand new domains from Googles 6th page to half way up the 1st. Four weeks later my 3 domains occupy places 1,2 and 4 for 3 keywords. They helped me take my hobby and turn it into cash. – Tony Zhang


We have gotten business calls already from these listings (high traffic, large markets). Basically another couple of phone calls and these listings will pay for this service. Highly recommended for local listings. He’s the best. – Brian Vance, President

Mainland Sleep Diagnostics

We are very excited to be working with the professionals at Mainland Sleep Diagnostics. Rav and his group have built a very impressive company in Vancouver in a short amount of time. Together we have set some fantastic goals that will catapult his business into 2011 and really stir up his niche.

Landscaping Toronto

Very organized and keeps you overupdated with emails with status updates. Got me #2 for the keyword I was targeting. They do as promised, on time. – Illya, Owner