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Archive | January, 2011

Stop Drowning – how to better manage your inbox

By Adam Steele | Business

If I added up all the time each and every day that I spend sifting through my bloated inbox, I would for certain land myself in a stress, self-induced coma. If you are anything like me: upon waking you hammer the snooze button and shuffle for your Berry and/or iPhone to check your mail. Instead

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Goodbye, Farewell Google Places Phone Verification…

By Alex Cross | Google Places, Local SEO

Visibility in Google Places is now one of the cornerstones to a successful Local SEO campaign. Especially after Google so kindly bumped organic listings to make room for local search result, causing many businesses to rush to get verified and be found by their potential customers. However, it’s not just local businesses that have rushed

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Augmented Reality the Future of Local Business Marketing?

By Adam Steele | Marketing, Mobile Marketing

Imagine yourself driving down the street with your cell phone attached to your front window like a GPS. In the view finder is the video images your cell phone is capturing in real time, and layered on top of those images are all the local pizza restaurants within a 5 mile radius. 2 miles ahead

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5 Secrets to Successful Article Marketing

By Alex Cross | Marketing

Article marketing is one of the best ways to breathe life into a website, and it is one of the most effective strategies to continue success once you are ranking high in the search engines. So here are 5 secret tips for marketing your articles in a way that will not only get tons of

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