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Goodbye, Farewell Google Places Phone Verification…

By Alex Cross | Google Places, Local SEO

Visibility in Google Places is now one of the cornerstones to a successful Local SEO campaign. Especially after Google so kindly bumped organic listings to make room for local search result, causing many businesses to rush to quickly get verified and be found by their potential customers. However, it’s not just local businesses that have

Google Places|Part 2

By Adam Steele | Google Places, Lead Generation, The Creature

Four weeks after creating our thread and four weeks after taking our first order, those first clients started to get curious. Normally at this time we would have just or just about ranked the client. However, as usual, Google threw a curveball. The way the process works is we create a listing, submit the respective

Google Places | The Creature

By Adam Steele | Google Places, Lead Generation, The Creature

Google’s tireless efforts to put internet marketers in straight-jackets continues with their latest twists and turns added to Google Places. It was only a month ago I thought I finally had the drop on them. So, in 48 hours I built a mini business plan to ‘exploit’ this latest gap. During the time leading up

Places Optimization: The Ins and Outs

By Alex Cross | Google Places

While you we’re sleeping Big Google made some interesting changes. As you likely have already noticed, Google Places got a makeover and now occupies most if not all of the first page for many categories