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How to increase Your Adsense CTR

Adsense | 22 May 2011


When you visit a website, it is very likely you will see advertisements throughout the pages. Ads are a common way for webmasters to monetize their site, and many use Google Adsense. In order to make money using Adsense, visitors need to click on the ad. The more times an ad is clicked, the more money you make. So, how do you increase your Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

In today’s world, many people have become impervious to ads, and they are often ignored. You can no longer simply throw up an ad and expect people to click through it. While Adsense is very dynamic, to stand out, there are a few things you can do.

Tips to improve Adsense CTR

1. Keyword Optimization

When you put content on your site, make sure you include keywords that are relevant to the ads you want displayed. Keyword optimization is not only good for better CTR, but also traffic and search engine optimization (SEO).

2. Place the Ads Above the Folds

You want your visitors to see the ads, so it is ideal to place them near the top of the content. Avoid the horizontal banner, since it is often overlooked. Many sites report better results with the vertical or rectangular ads.

3. Skip the Widget Titles

Google already tells the reader it is an advertisement. By adding “advertisements” at the top of your widget, it diminishes the chance of a higher CTR. There is no requirement to label the ads.

4. Filter Specific Ads

Utilize the ad filter under your AdSense setup to block out irrelevant or your competitor’s ads. This filter allows you to restrict certain ads from appearing on any of your web pages.

5. Don’t Oversaturate your Site with Ads

You should always have more content than advertisements on your website, whether that is Adsense or any other forms of advertising. Remember your readers did not come to your site to be bombarded with ads. Provide value for your visitors above everything else. An ad should blend naturally and not oversaturate your website.

6. Experiment

This tip is probably the most important and many choose to ignore it. Every site will be different and therefore different methods will work better depending in the site, visitors, topic, etc. You know your readers better than anyone. What topics are they interested in?

Experiment with placement, colors, and sizes. Figure out what works best with your site by analyzing your ads CTR’s. Often. Test, test again and test some more.

Lastly, it is important you pay attention to Google’s TOS (Terms of Service) to prevent your website from getting banned. You can make money with increased Adsense CTR’s if you follow these guidelines.

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