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Tips to improve your page rank

Basic SEO | 18 May 2011

Tips to Improve Your Page Rank


Building traffic for your website is important whether you are looking to capture more subscriber-ship, readership or clients. In order to increase organic traffic, your website needs to rank higher in the search engines. This is affected by your website’s page rank.

Page rank is determined by a complex search engine algorithm. Many factors go into this algorithm and there is no way to know exactly what these factors are, and they are updated all the time to boot. However, there are some things you can do to improve your search engine ranking. Here are a few tips to improve page rank

1. Get valuable inbound links pointing to you site. This has been a pretty consistant factor in improving search engine rank. These are also referred to as backlinks. If these links come from an “authority” site (one with high page rank), even better. Essentially, these links tell the search engines that a website is casting a vote for your site. This is a positive attribute for search engines.

2. Provide valuable outbound links. Just as inbound links are important, outbound links are relevant as well. Try to link to “good” websites. While you cannot really control inbound links, you directly have control over your outbound links. If you have a bunch of links to “junk” sites, search engines may start to look at you as a “content farm.” You want to be seen as a website that provides value, not just a bunch of spammy links.

3. Create a coherent website. What this means is when you design your website, be sure it is organized, has a sitemap, and is not filled with ads, flash, banners, or sloppy code. Not only do search engines like this, but readers will as well. You do not want to scare away your readers by having so many bells and whistles or ads that they cannot navigate your site.

4. Create original content. This is another valuable tip when creating content for your website. You will lose points if you have duplicate content. With so many niche sites popping up, content on the site is just copied from another site. While this is not a large factor is you have a few posts here and there with duplicate content, it is better to provide your readers with original content.

5. Post regularly. An outdated site will eventually start to diminish in search engine value, especially newer sites. This is more important when you are starting to build your site. Think of it as building your credibility in the search engine’s eyes. If the search engines see that there is regular content, it will place more value on that site, which ultimately leads to higher page rank.

Ultimately, instead of trying to chase Page Rank by using deceitful and devious tricks, create fresh, quality, and relevant content.

Google has recently completed another algorithm update that is giving a lot less rank juice to content farms. Search engines are getting smarter and many of the old SEO tricks are now obsolete. So if you are serious about improving your page rank and SERPS, just stick to white hat (legitimate) practices.

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