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Why you should setup a Facebook Fan Page ?

Social Media | 7 May 2011

Setting up a Facebook fan page is a great way to showcase an artist, band, writer, celebrity, teacher, or business. A fan page is better than a group page for this purpose because Facebook allows fan pages to grow as large as needed, allowing you to reach as many people as possible. Unlike a group page, you can also send as many updates as you want without revealing yourself as an administrator. This creates a great medium to reach your target audience, similar to email marketing….except with Facebook, deliverability and open rate are small concerns.


Here are some general tips for setting up your Facebook fan page:

Make sure fans know what or whom you are advertising

If your page is showcasing a band, make sure you provide a website link or other url with more information about the band. A potential friend of your site will want to know more, so make sure you have provided them with enough information on your fan page to locate the artist and find upcoming shows or appearances.

Utilize Facebook tools in creating your page

Facebook provides built-in tools that enable you to add to your page. Sidebars allow for any handy information such as forms, polls or newsletters that you may want to add to the side of your page. The tabs feature at the bottom of your page allow for site navigation. Use a tab for soliciting donations, adding an information sheet, or any other stuff that you want to add. FBML, Facebook’s version of HTML, allows you to do all of this. Search the application directory to enable this feature.

Send regular updates and don’t forget to post!

Information on Facebook flows freely and fast. If you are not updating your fan page often, people may go someplace else to get the information they crave. It is extremely important that you regularly maintain and update your page otherwise you’ll lose interest. Posting once or even several times a day will draw attention to your page and keep fans coming.

‘Friend’ pages similar to yours

You will find a treasure trove of potential fans by visiting similar pages to yours and posting about your page. Fans of the same genre of music will want to know about a hot new band, so posting about your page on a similar one will get you loads of new fans.

Remember that Facebook can be an excellent tool for marketing and promoting your favorite people. Use these tips and you’ll be well on your way to creating a great fan page.

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