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How do you Turn Readers into Subscribers?

Blogging | 10 Jun 2011

As a blog owner, it is likely that one of your biggest goals is to increase the number of visitors who read your blog. However, what is more important is that you convert those readers into subscribers. When a reader subscribes to your blog, that person is essentially saying they are interested in reading your blog on a regular basis. Here is how you do it:


5 Ways to Increase your blog Subscribers

1. Provide Quality Content

Quality content is probably the most important factor to not only getting regular readers, but subscribers as well. Posts that are heavily laded with keywords may attract search engines, but not regular readers. If your content provides value, helpful advice, or pure entertainment, your readers will come back for more. If you are consistently writing these type of posts, eventually your reader will subscribe to your blog.

2. Post Regularly

Not only should you create quality content, but you should post on a regular basis. This shows the readers you are actively involved in your blog. If the last post is 6 months old, it will be difficult to convince someone to subscribe.

3. Give Away a Freebie

Everyone loves free stuff, so place an opt-in form on your site with a free report. While they will still have to enter their email address, if they like your site, a free report is just a bonus for subscribing. Also, consider having contests and giveaways for those who comment or subscribe.

4. Make it Easy to Subscribe

Encourage your blog readers to subscribe by making it easy for them. Allow them to subscribe either with a RSS feed or by email. People prefer different ways to follow your blog posts. While most people probably know what the little orange “subscribe” symbol means, consider actually typing the word “subscribe to my blog” in front of the symbol.

5. Engage with your Readers

When readers stop by and leave comments, get involved in the conversation. Try to respond to each comment that has substance. If a reader sees that you are a real person and are interested in what they have to say, you have a better chance at getting that person to subscribe.

Once you establish a decent size subscriber list, it is easier to reach out to them with exclusive sales or deals, a new product you want to promote, or subscriber-only special offers. Remember, they subscribed to be updated on your posts and not get tons of spam email. Treat your subscribers with respect and you will continue to maintain a positive relationship.

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