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Black Hat SEO Methods

Basic SEO | 8 Jul 2011


Developing a profitable website is simple: Provide great content, stunning design and an overall pleasant user experience. Ok, most of that isn’t actually simple. In fact, it takes a lot of hard work, investment and collaboration to pull off any of those features. Some people like to take the easy way out. Instead of providing quality content and design, they employ tricks that manipulate search engines and users. These folks are called “Black Hats”. Black Hats make the internet worse for everyone by unfairly advancing useless or contrary content above the pages of legitimate websites people are looking for in search results. They accomplish this through several nasty but tested tricks.

Here are the Top Black Hat SEO methods

Keyword Stuffing

While this technique has been mostly nullified on the major search engines, there are others that still allow it. This method is performed by filling the page tags with as many popular keywords as possible, even if the keywords have nothing to do with the website. This technique works well at first, since the website appears so applicable to many different search words. However, as soon as the website is caught (which doesn’t often take long), it is either penalized severely or removed from the search results altogether.

Hidden/Invisible Content

This technique is like keyword stuffing, but the keywords are placed on the page instead of the tags. This technique is popular because it is more difficult for the search engine to catch. The process usually involves placing words on a background made of the same color. In this way, the Black Hat can have a clean, focused page to visitors, but the search-engine is tricked into thinking that the website is riddled with a wide variety of content. Major search engines have several ways to track this technique, but new ways to pull it off are invented all the time. Once again, being caught will result in either penalization or a ban.

Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are otherwise blank pages that are stuffed with keywords. These are rarely reported because users are redirected to a main page before they have a chance to see the doorway page. Talented Black Hats can cloak a Doorway page so that users see one, and the bot which search engines use to verify integrity sees another page. Many search engines automatically penalize instant redirects, so this method is mainly a tool of Black Hats knowledgeable enough to disguise their activity.

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