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Website Dynamics & Nightlite Media: A Perfect Match

Business, Uncategorized | 13 Sep 2011


Eleven years, 25,000+ customers & 572,000 websites launched later, Website Dynamics is a giant among website builders. Now, after nearly a year of discussions and planning, Vancouver SEO company Nightlite Media and Website Dynamics to provide the missing puzzle piece: SEO.

Different from any other website builder I am aware of, Website Dynamics now gives their customers more than a pretty website. Today, Website Dynamics introduces our SEO company which will help website owners leverage potential customers online in a whole new way.

Now more than ever before, business owners understand that having a website is just one piece of succeeding online. Website owners are mostly aware of SEO, in fact, it is rare to find a website owner who hasn’t been solicited in one form or another by an SEO company. Unfortunately, the problem is, can they find a SEO firm they can trust to do what they claim? Moreover, can they find an firm that is within their often small or non-existent budget.

Website Dynamics realised that as a website builder they could point people in the right direction when it came to SEO, but it just wasn’t good enough. Website owners would say “I have this great website, but very little traffic. What am I doing wrong?” I can imagine this would be very frustrating, because Website Dynamics’ whole goal is to help small business owners succeed online. In steps Nightlite Media.

Together, Nightlite Media and Website Dynamics have tailored SEO services for Website Dynamics customers with affordable entry points. For many, these small business owners will be able for the first time to get all the value of SEO without the high associated cost. As an SEO provider this is very exciting, as we are going to be able to apply game changing strategies to a HUGE number of clients and watch their businesses transform.

We are greatful to Website Dynamics for this opportunity and look forward to the success of their clients.

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