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The Staggering Statistics of Mobile Marketing Growth

Mobile Marketing | 15 Jun 2012

Mobile Marketing
There used to be a day when cell phones were not popular. Then, everything changed. People all over the world began to rely on their cell phone as opposed to land-based lines. But guess what? This was just the first step in the transition. In today’s world, we are watching as traditional cell phones fall by the wayside. Now, smart phones are all the rage.

With the ability to access the internet, download apps, listen to music, and much more, these phones are taking over the lives of many people – at least in terms of technology. With so many benefits, it is easy to see why mobile marketing is beginning to take off like a NASA shuttle into space.

The team over at recently released an info-graphic showing how fast mobile marketing is growing as well as the many ways that advertisers are beginning to take advantage.

Although the entire info-graphic is chalked full of great information, let’s take a closer look at some of the most important statistics:

  1. Mobile web users are split just about 50/50 between male and female.
  2. It is not just for the younger generation – more than 50% of those using mobile devices are over the age of 35. Does this surprise you?
  3. The average mobile advertising budget is somewhere between $75k and $100k.
  4. The market size of the mobile advertising industry is on the up and up. In 2011, the industry was pegged at roughly $1.24 billion. If everything plays out as planned, the market will capsize $5 billion by 2015.
  5. QR codes are the next big thing. The combination of mobile phones and in-person advertising has led to the increased popularity of QR codes. As crazy as it sounds, roughly one in two people have scanned a QR code with their smart phone. Even crazier, approximately 18% have then went on to make a purchase.

Companies that were previously spending marketing dollars in other ways, such as traditional online advertising, will now begin to shift focus towards mobile devices. What does the future hold? Will the market continue to grow as expected? Only time will tell, but things are looking good!

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