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SEO 101 (pt 2): The Other Guys…

Basic SEO | 24 Nov 2010

Meta information is not visible to those viewing your webpage. Instead, it is used to communicate with crawlers. Search engines crawl web page headers for this information which helps determine who you are and what you do. It should look something like:


Description Tag

The Description Meta Tag is pretty self explanatory. It describes what it is you do or what your page is about. In the search engines, this description will be what potential visitors read before clicking your title to visit your page. Given this, it would probably be a good idea to flex your sales copy muscle and improve your click through rate (CTR). Also, without compromising your copy too much, try and slip in a couple of your keywords for that page.

NOTE: Understand that every search engine is different in their treatment of meta tags. For example, Google ignores the meta description tag and instead will automatically generate its own description based on the page content. Nevertheless, there are 1000s of search engines, so don’t ignore this opportunity to sell yourself and improve your ranking.

Keywords Tag

The meta keywords tag is a great way to reinforce the topic of your page content. Unfortunately, for some time now the amount of crawlers that support it has been steadily decreasing which is why many seo services experts no longer bother with it. Today content is king, and if you were to choose between one or the other, your content will have far more weight every time.

If you still want to use the keywords tag, you should include up to 25 words or phrases, each separated by a comma. Also, make sure those same keywords are used in your content. Consistency throughout the URL, metas and content is also something to aim for.

Other Tags

There are various other meta tags but just about all of them are now ignored by major search engines and are not worth implementing. For example you may find: “author”, “channel” and “date” tags. For the most part these are used for internal search purposes.

The “ROBOT” tag is generally used to block crawlers from indexing pages and is recognized by most search engines. We suggest using the robots.txt convention, as it is more efficient and best of all you won’t have to add the tag to every page.

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