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Google+ Vs Facebook: Features Compared

Social Media | 6 Jul 2011

Google+ Vs Facebook: Features Compared

Google+ vs. Facebook: Benefits and Features

The war between Facebook and Google is heating up since the release of Google+. Many people are anxious to see what the social network newcomer can pull off. Today, we’re going to explore some of the important features that are available in Facebook and Google+, and what that might mean for the future of social media!

There are three main features that the average social networker is looking for: accessibility, saturation and privacy. Today, we’ll look at how well the features of both Google+ and Facebook meet those needs.


Accessibility refers to how easy it is to use the network and make it do what you want. It’s hard to find a winner here, because for now, Facebook and Google+ look a little alike. They possess basically the same sort of interface and options. From a wider angle, however, Facebook has a healthy app market to easily incorporate the features that you want. So far, in the Google+ Vs Facebook battle Facebook is the clear winner, but Google+ is already laying out the red carpet for an app feature of their own. If they can link this app market seamlessly to the one for their android phones, it might be difficult for Facebook to compete.


How fun can a social network be if none of your friends are on it? One of the big challenges in founding a new social network is finding ways to get everyone on it. Like before, Facebook has a clear advantage because almost everyone is already on it. They also offer a ton of handy features to manage your friends: Friend circles, a robust private messaging system and event planning. Google+ doesn’t have friend circles yet, and their notification system is still in its infancy. Once again though, Google+ has a whole lot of potential. One of their new features is a chat room that will allow up to ten of your friends to video chat all at once. Once features like that start taking off, Google+ may have the advantage.


Some users will only pay lip service to wanting privacy, but with every story on the news, it’s getting harder to ignore. Facebook’s privacy features are convoluted and they change frequently without warning. Worst of all, a Facebook profile can never be deleted—it’s there even if you deactivate it. Google came right out of the gate promising the ability to delete user profiles. While it is not in the front of every users mind yet, the Google+ privacy features may make the difference for many users in the end.

At the end of the day it’s hard to say who will be the victor, but in the Google+ Vs Facebook war it appears Google+ is making some serious ground, seriously quick

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