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Google Places Bugs & Glitches | All-Time High

Google Places Bugs & Glitches | All-Time High

By Alex Cross | Google Algo, Google Places, Local SEO

Several weeks ago I wrote about some of the bugs that have plaguing Google places lately. At the end of that post I optimistically predicted that they would have it all fixed within days- I mean c’mon, it’s GOOGLE, right?!   But today, over a month later, the situation over at Google is worse than

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Goodbye, Farewell Google Places Phone Verification…

By Alex Cross | Google Places, Local SEO

Visibility in Google Places is now one of the cornerstones to a successful Local SEO campaign. Especially after Google so kindly bumped organic listings to make room for local search result, causing many businesses to rush to get verified and be found by their potential customers. However, it’s not just local businesses that have rushed

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Places Optimization: The Ins and Outs

By Alex Cross | Google Places

While you we’re sleeping Big Google made some interesting changes. As you likely have already noticed, Google Places got a makeover and now occupies most if not all of the first page for many categories

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