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Google +1, One More Step to Search Engine Quality Control

Google Algo, Search Engine Optimization | 28 Apr 2011

What is Google +1 ?


Google recently announced a new system for users to vote on their favorite search rankings, the Google +1 button. Taking the idea from Facebook’s “like” button, where users can “like” a website or an article, Google is considering adding a little +1 next to each of their search results so users can weigh in on what they consider to be quality websites. 

This means we’ll be able to “like” a website and based on the amount of positive feedback a website gets (or lack thereof), Google can start weighing the results into their algorithms.

Needless to say this concept has sparked considerable interest in the internet marketing community. It’s just one more brilliant way Google is sifting through spam sites and giving us good, law abiding folks a crack at their front pages. Personally, I think this is a great idea and I can’t wait until it gets unveiled to the general public.

But there’s a problem. As it stands now you have to have a Google account to test out the new interface. Whether or not users will ALWAYS need a Google account remains to be seen, but the rumor mill isn’t giving us a lot of hope. People are saying that the +1 feature will likely remain an “account holder option” only, and the rest of the population’s opinions will fall to the wayside.

As this news hits internet marketing forums and blogs all across the internet I’m reminded of a word that has been bouncing around in my head quite a bit lately; and that world is “Lazy.” Lazy is the perfect word to describe your typical internet surfer. As internet users we are about as lazy as an old man on his favorite sofa. Request anymore than 3 volts of brain power from your users and you might as well write your website in Greek.

With this in mind I just can’t imagine Google +1 gaining any ground if we have to go through and set up an account with them just to use it. It’s a shame too, because it’s a brilliant idea that could really help honest website owners that actually give their visitors quality content day after day.

My hopes aren’t up, but hopefully Google will make the right decision and allow EVERYONE to use Google +1. If they do, those of us who go the extra mile for our viewers can all expect better rankings in the search engines.

Check out this video that demonstrates how to use Google +1.

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