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Inbound Marketing | Major Players Make Major Investment

By Adam Steele | Business, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

It was recently announced that Google ventures, Sequoia Capital and have come together to invest in Hubspot, one of the first companies to push the concept of inbound marketing for lead generation. Inbound marketing consists of getting traffic to come to you through incentivized marketing. Unlike outbound marketing, which relies on cold calling, paid

Video Marketing No Longer Just A Trend

By Adam Steele | Video Marketing

The job of an internet marketer in 2011 is a daunting one. You must allocate your time between researching the changing trends, implementing new techniques, and counting the mountains of cash in your closet…right. One can easily get overwhelmed with all the avenues beckoning your attention, and for most of us, we hardly have enough

Your Start Up – Getting Over The Hump

By Adam Steele | Business, Marketing

I had a very interesting conversation with a colleague the other day that really struck a chord. The two of us began our businesses around the same time and as a result, have had the fortune of bouncing start-up questions off each other, which have now transformed into more management and business direction chats. This

GroupOn: Small Business Beware

By Adam Steele | Marketing

If you don’t already know, GroupOn is a massively successful “group buying” trend that has created an enormous following and worth, valued over 1billion dollars. The idea is, consumers band together to get better deals or discounts when purchasing products or services. Think of it as shopping bulk x 1000, but you are just one