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Inbound Marketing | Major Players Make Major Investment

Business, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization | 14 Mar 2011

It was recently announced that Google ventures, Sequoia Capital and have come together to invest in Hubspot, one of the first companies to push the concept of inbound marketing for lead generation.

Inbound marketing consists of getting traffic to come to you through incentivized marketing. Unlike outbound marketing, which relies on cold calling, paid branding, salespeople, etc, inbound marketing motivates viewers to visit a website through search engines, content, social media, and other forms of free advertising. It gives value up front, it is more cost effective, and it even converts better than its soon-to-be-outdated counterpart.

The two founders of Hubspot, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah first made a name for themselves by writing the New York Times bestselling book “Inbound marketing, get found using Google,” which was one of the first works to outline the unlimited potential of this rapidly growing industry. Their “Grader series of tools” have already been used by millions, and their ideas for rapid expansion are expected to take the realm of inbound marketing into a billion dollar a year industry.

With all their recent achievements experts say that it is no surprise that Google would come to invest. After all, Google has its own data for the behavior of internet users, and their investment is a clear sign that inbound marketing is taking hold in the industry. Hubspot was also the natural choice for the investment, as they are the only company who had the infrastructure to deal with the markets inevitable growth.

Though some people may balk at the notion of Google investing in a SEO company I see the venture as a major positive. It means that content marketing, social media and SEO are more than just short-term ways to drive traffic, they are long-term contenders and they are here to stay. From my perspective, Google is essentially telling us: “All the hard work you have done so far will not have been in vain. Search engine optimization is a reliable way to drive sales; in fact, we’re so sure of it that we too have chosen to invest.”

Google’s statement is obvious: For those of us who make our living online we can expect years of growth, increased adoption of effective methods, and a more secure future as internet marketers. To see what inbound marketing can do for you business, feel free to contact us today.

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