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Archive | March, 2011

Facebook Cracks Down on Underage Users

By Jackey Chan | Social Media

According to a recent study by Pew Internet and American Life Project almost half of all 12 year old children are actively using social networking sites like Facebook despite not meeting the minimum age requirements as outlined in these sites terms of agreement. That number increases as children grow older, with 82% of kids who

Kinect: Internet Marketing Game Changer

By Adam Steele | Marketing

In November of 2010 Microsoft released a product that could potentially change our lives forever. Ok ok, that may be a little over the top, but really, when Microsoft released “Kinect,” which is their new newest periphery for the Xbox 360, the marketing world noticed. More than just breaking the Guinness book of world records

Google Gets Personal

By Alex Cross | Google Algo, Search Engine Optimization

Last week Google took another step toward personalized search results by launching a feature that allows users to block certain websites from their search engine results pages (SERPs). Here is an overview of how the system works: The user will submit their search through Google and the applicable results will show up just as before.

QR Codes Inevitable Rise in Western Society

By Adam Steele | Marketing

With QR codes already experiencing widespread use in countries like Japan, China, and Singapore one can’t help but wonder why they haven’t taken off in the west as well. Every time I think of QR codes gaining a foothold in the west I’m reminded of the Greek character “Sisyphus” who has to push a bolder

Inbound Marketing | Major Players Make Major Investment

By Adam Steele | Business, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

It was recently announced that Google ventures, Sequoia Capital and have come together to invest in Hubspot, one of the first companies to push the concept of inbound marketing for lead generation. Inbound marketing consists of getting traffic to come to you through incentivized marketing. Unlike outbound marketing, which relies on cold calling, paid

Google Places Pending Status Surprise

By Alex Cross | Google Places, Local SEO

Over the past few days I’ve received some inquiries about the “pending” message that has been showing up on many people’s Google Places accounts. The message goes something like this: “Pending – Being Reviewed. This listing needs to be reviewed further before appearing on Google. Please allow several weeks”. Several weeks!? That seems like a